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Welcome to the official website of Bali Eco Cycling, a subsidiary of Bali Eco Tours (PT Tridhar Jaya). Famed for the authentic and original eco/educational cycling tour that has been enjoyed by guests since 1999, we are proud to open this website and offer the visitor to Bali a wide range of tours/activities that we know will make their stay in Bali an enjoyable and memorable one.

A note from the new owners:

How time flies! It's been one year since we took over the company from the management of Steve and his lovely wife Wayan and her family. It has been a steep learning curve for our Chief Experience Officer Komang Wishnuputra (my brother, below at right), our Restaurant Manager Onik Dianita (my brother's wife, center) and myself (Kadek Adidharma, as Company Director / General Manager, below at right). Yes, we remain a family company! I've worked with Steve for almost five years and he has entrusted his baby to grow in our care.

Komang Wishnuputra, Onik Dianita and Kadek Adidharma

The Bali Eco concept remains that of being eco-friendly, which means caring about the tripple bottom line: for a business to be sustainable it must strive to balance its duty of care to people and the environment with profit. Steve set up a company that has set off on the right path to be environmental friendly, cultural friendly and indigenous friendly, a unique phenomenon amongst Bali's rampant tourism growth. He built a success for the right reasons (please click and read the About Us section). We continue to work hard to give our guests real value-for-money experiences and provide opportunities to experience the "Real Bali" without the hassle, hustle and bustle. We want our guests to discover more than the superficial beauty of our island home and to have an adventure, but to also learn through first hand experience.

I was trained as an Environmental Engineer, so I'm aware that any eco-warrior must first come to terms with his own hypocrisy and mediocrity. Yes, we still burn fossil fuels. We cannot claim to be a carbon-neutral company, as it is not yet technologically possible. We do our best to reduce our carbon footprint while educating our staff, our partners, the communities we work in as well as our honored guests, inviting all of you to join us on a journey towards environment stewardship together. Ubud has been home ground for Bali Eco, and we would like to give back by offering guests local insight through our new "Ubud Morning of the World Living Museum Walk & Spa" journey. I will guide this limited availability tour myself every Wednesday and Thursday this August & September.

After one year, we are more confident in setting the maximum number of people we can accept on our tours on each day to ensure everyone has a quality time. Our staff love doing their jobs well, they take real pride in their achievements, and we would rather suggest guests book on another day than overcrowd any of the tours. To cater to different needs and fitness levels, we continue to come up with variations on our products, especially on the Cycling Tour and Mt Batur Trek. We also remain flexible to requests for tailored tours, and plan to launch more 3 to 5 day excursions in Bali and beyond to give guests more in depth and meaningful experiences.

They say there is no greater flattery than imitation. Unfortunately, many companies have tried to use the Bali Eco concepts, ideas, even the name, as well as the published literature without our ideals, ethics, scruples and eye for detail. There are some poor quality "copy cat" operators pretending to be us. When booking a 'Bali Eco' tour whilst in Bali, please ensure you are definitely booked with Bali Eco. As we have run on a trust system and collect final payment at the end of the tour, on occasion we have had other companies show up early at hotels to pick up guests who have booked with us! We are putting procedures in place to avoid this, and appreciate your assistance. Do make sure that the guide picking you up is wearing a bright blue t-shirt with "Bali Eco Tours" logo on his chest and "" on the back of the t-shirt. We offer a professional and well-trained team, international standards of safety and hygiene, our warmth and genuine desire to please our guests. We trust you share our vision and we promise to make your stay in Bali a memorable one.

Wishing you meaningful adventures, as well as ecological, cultural, culinary and learning experiences while in Bali,

Kadek Adidharma & Team

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